Stock TT01 / TT01E

- The kit must be built EXACTLY per the instruction manual.

- The ONLY Hop-Op Options permitted are Ball Bearings & Aluminum center driveshaft.

- Must use 61/58 or 55 spur with any pinion.

- All screws in the kit must be used. You may not omit screws to change the handling of the truck.

- Minimum weight: NONE. No weights of ANY KIND may be put on the truck for ballast.

- Adding FOAM material to the kit foam bumper is permitted. You may also use item 54819 Urethane Bumper XL in place of the stock size bumper.

- Any grease, or lube may be used to lubricate gears, or moving parts.


- Must use the kit supplied Tamiya TBLE-02S/TBLE-04S or HW 1060 ESC.

- Must use the kit supplied motor (item 54358 RS-540 Torque-Tuned Motor)

- Battery connector on ESC may be changed to DEANS type or XT-60.

- Motor Bullet Connectors may not be removed.

- ESC & Motor wires may not be shortened, or removed!

- Motor fans are ok, max 40mm.


- Must use kit type 51589 tires, and wheels.

- It’s permitted to mix & match front/rear wheels on the truck for durability.

- no inserts of any kind

- CA glue only on sidewall


- ZIPPY 4000mAh 2S1P 25C #Z40002S-25


- Any nastruck style pickup body, max width 200mm, rear spoiler/wing max height 1" (25.4mm) measured off top of bed.

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